Becoming a Super Scottish Landlord

Becoming A Super Scottish Landlord

If you’re a rental landlord there’s little doubt you’ll want to be a huge long term success  providing quality accommodation and a great management service. Everyone knows, being a landlord can be both exciting and challenging – there will be the odd complication ahead and you’ll need to stay on top of your game. But if you do, the rewards can be worth the effort.

In fact, there are a number of steps you can take and add to your strategy, to keep you ahead of the long-term game. Life doesn’t need to be difficult if you plan ahead and be sure about the direction you’re going into.

Getting Valuations

If by chance you have a property to rent, the best thing to do is call three different letting agencies just to compare prices and take a look at how each one works. You’ll soon know which one is the best value for money when it comes to valuations. And like all things in life it’s best to get someone with a high reputation – someone with integrity, honesty and  a commitment to service. A good track record is always a big clue.

First Class Marketing

Like any other business or service, it’s so important these-days to market yourself in the best possible light in order to attract clients. Online is always import, social media marketing likewise, and there are a number of other 21st century techniques at your disposal. So ideally you need as many viewers as possible in the the quickest time.



Presentation Is Everything

Every landlord worth his or her salt will want to bring in brilliant tenants attracted to top rate accommodation. It also means the property must be well maintained and look clean and very well presented. Do this right and the world is your property oyster.




Dealing With Offers

It’s not just about attracting good clients and agreeing a good and fair price for you both – once this has been done you’ll need to collect references, create those tenacity agreements and collect an initial deposit and rent. At this point of course, you’ll have to put together a check-in and inventory – then the really exciting bit.

Completing The Deal

As soon as the admin is carried out, the word we all love – ‘completion’. Comes into play. You’ll feel good as the keys are handed over to your new tenant – the start of a healthy working relationship.

Managing The Property

You might also like to employ the services of a decent management specialist offering different types of service. This will take extra pressure from your own shoulders and also help with those Scottish rental regulations and laws. They could collect the rent, carry out safety checks and ensure any repairs and maintenance are done to the highest standards.

And there we have it – several steps to make life much easier and help any landlord stand out from the crowd. Success can certainly be yours – All you need is an efficient blue-print.

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